Intimate Skin Lightening

*A requirement for success with this service is the at home Melanin inhibitor for $50.00.

Skin Lightening/Brightening/Bleaching

Anal bleaching has become one of the most popular skin care requests. The intimate skin lightening and bleaching products used at Waxing by Teea in Salem, Oregon are all safe and FDA approved.  Our intimate skin brightening, lightening, bleaching are free of harsh chemicals, acids, kojic acid, and hydroquinone.  Remember that these type of chemicals can burn, irritate and even hypo-lighten the skin which is non reversible or repairable.  At my beauty salon in Salem, Oregon the goal of my intimate skin lightening and bleaching service is not to whiten these areas entirely – just to make them more similar in pigmentation to the surrounding skin

Most find it hard to discuss the topic of their discoloration in areas such as inner thigh, vaginal, underarms or anal area but it is actually very common for our “sensitive areas” to discolor in both men and women.  The most common reason for skin discoloration tend be hormonal that may arise after pregnancy, aging, ethnicity or weight gain. 

There is a stigma that anal bleaching or skin lighting is only for the adult industry – I am are here to crush that myth.  Most clients are average everyday people.  Both male and female are looking to enhance the appearance of their bodies and even out their skin tone anywhere from inner thighs to the ever so sensitive scrotum.  I offer a 5 step intimate skin lightening  and bleaching treatment service in my Salem speed waxing studio, or you may purchase the intimate skin lightening cream that can be done in the comfort of your own home.